Developing the Design Of Prosthetics With Siemens NX


The demand for prosthesis is increasing and medical companies are seeking ways to design these complex and personalized prosthetics. New technology, materials and manufacturing processes enable the development of medical devices that are more affordable, more comfortable, and faster to produce. Siemens NX software enables medical companies to innovate and realize the benefits of the next generation of product design. Siemens integrated suite of tools enables companies to lower the costs of prosthetics, provide personalized features and increase the efficiency of products in a way that is… virtual! More patients all over the world will have access to prosthetic devices without the need of in-person appointments. NX delivers this virtual design approach, integrating mechanical, composite, and additive manufacturing to open many possibilities for the development of prosthetics.

What you get from this white paper

  • NX has multiple easy-to-use tools for surfacing and shaping.
  • NX brings additive manufacturing to a new level.
  • The future with using NX enables growth in market gains with fewer developmental costs and better-quality products.

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