Digital Farming – IoT Solution

The advancement of modern technologies such as IoT and AI in the field of agriculture has benefited this sector in a significant way. Digitalization has changed the way of farming leading to great improvements in productivity and increased yield.
PROLIM integrates the modern technologies of the digital revolution, remote sensors and IoT sensor systems to create a solution that lets you monitor and analyze the farms remotely to make insightful decisions and perform constructive farming operations accordingly.
The integrated system also gathers data from multiple external sources, processes and analyses the data to provide crop recommendations based on the soil type, current weather conditions and other factors affecting the harvest of a crop.


The PROLIM Digital Farming Solution dashboard provides an insight into the farm details and other agronomic information that helps in real-time monitoring of the farm, perform health checks to take more optimal decisions for improved productivity, quality and sustainability of agricultural production.

The dashboard of the IoT Digital Powered Farming solution offers insight into the specifics of real-time farming.
  • Farm Details: The dashboard provides basic information about the farm like name, location land area, crops grown and other details.
  • Moisture Detector: This section of the dashboard collects information from the moisture sensor installed at the farm and notifies regarding the water requirement at the farm at a point in time. It also depicts the status of the motor(on/off) and sends messages accordingly.
  • Water Consumed: It collects data from the water flow sensors at the farm and tells the amount of water (in liters) consumed and for irrigation the previous day.
  • Weather: This section shows the current weather conditions of the farm location that includes the Humidity (%), wind speed value and the rain probability for the day. It also displays the weather predictions for the next three days.
  • Sensor Counts and Health Checks: This section depicts the count and type of sensors positioned at different places of the farm and notifies regarding the count of the unhealthy sensors.
    The variant of sensors installed at the farm are:

    • Temperature sensor
    • Windspeed sensor
    • Water flow sensor
    • Moisture sensor
    • Humidity sensor
    • Smoke sensor
  • Farm View: The current images of the farm and the crops grown are captured using a camera or a drone and displayed on the dashboard for inspection of quality.
  • Fire Alarm and Location: t warns if any part of the farm has caught fire detected using the smoke sensors placed in the farm and plays an alarm sound on detection, sends the coordinates for a quick response. Also, an alert gets triggered that sends an SMS on mobile to notify the farmer regarding the fire.
  • Farm Location: This section of the dashboard shows the location of the farm on the map.
  • Crop Yield: The chart depicts the percentage of the crops currently grown on the farm.
  • Crop Recommendation: It shows the crop recommendations provided by the system based on data analyzed using AI and ML algorithms based on the demographic, agricultural and market profiles.

Health Check of The Sensors

The sensors installed at the farm undergo health checks continuously. In case of failure of any of the sensors, a notification appears depicting the number of failed sensors. The location of the failed sensor is specified in the alerts generated for the sensor using the yard ID, acre ID, failed sensor ID and so on.

Installed IoT sensors on the farm undergo ongoing health checks
IoT Powered dashboard for crop recommendation

Crop Recommendation Details Dashboard

You can click on any crop in the crop recommendation section on the main dashboard to view details regarding the conditions required to grow and harvest the selected crop. The dashboard provides brief information like the soil type required to grow the crop, the fertilizers that will enhance the yield, suitable temperature conditions and other such aspects.

Animal Detection

The Digital Farming solution built at PROLIM also features the detection of animals at the farm. The cameras installed at the yards of the farm capture images of different sites. In case of detection of a wild animal that can damage the crops, an alert (SMS) is sent to the mobile to notify the farmer to take necessary actions to protect the crop from further destruction from the wild animal. Thus, help in safeguarding the crop leading to a better yield.


Digital Farming Solution uses an IoT-based approach making farming more controlled, precise, sustainable and optimized, leading to efficient and productive agricultural gains.

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