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Creating a Digital Twin: Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

Using Tecnomatix software with plant simulation, you can create a digital twin of your factory or plant to simulate aspects of the manufacturing process. With the combination of simulation and statistical analysis, you can optimize material handling, logistics, machine utilization and labor requirements.

This allows you to ensure that your plant or factory is operating efficiently.

The video focuses on the area of the plant where kitting—or the grouping of products in a package—is performed. As kits have become more complex, the packaging has slowed down, oftentimes leading to more rework. This, in turn, affects a company’s numbers and the plant’s key performance indicators (KPIs).

The Digital Twin: Plant Simulation

With the digital twin, the user simulates using a different number of works and shifts to determine the best utilization and return on capital employed. He simulates by increasing the number of works in a shift and also by adding another shift time.

A third option presented is to eliminate manual kitting, simulating zero kitting rework.

Tecnomatix gives you the ability to compare all of these options, determining the number of parts created, and thus seeing if it has an impact on the KPIs.

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