On-Demand Webinar

Presenter: Raviraj R

Digitalization For Small and Medium Business

Brief Summary of Webinar:

For Small and Medium-sized businesses (SMB), it is critical to efficiently engineer customized products, while meeting delivery schedules. Designers and engineers are under pressure to make custom changes faster.
Companies need to digitalize their businesses or risk extinction. Siemens Digital Innovation Portfolio is the way to make that happen.

Tool that will be covered:

  • Digital twin concept
  • Technology innovation in manufacturing processes
  • Challenges for electromechanical design
  • Digital Twin for Validation of Product Design
  • Digitalization in Manufacturing
  • Fulfilling customer requirements and proving compliance with industry regulations along with data security
  • PDM to fit your business needs today, and tomorrow.


Who Should Attend?
It is for Mechanical Industry and the following can attend:

  • Design Engineers
  • Technical Managers / Directors
  • Manufacturing Heads & Design Managers

Post the session, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the need for digitalization.
  • Know how to Speed up the design, make changes faster and increase reuse.
  • Know how to Deliver products sooner, lower business risk, grow revenue at a higher margin.

Presenter - Raviraj R

He is an experienced engineer in various Job roles in the Engineering Industries. He comes with good Solid Edge experience. Apart from Solid Edge experience he also has experience in production, quality & tooling process CAD/CAM tools and has a very good understanding of the various process in manufacturing.

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