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Digitalization for Smart Manufacturing

The most powerful tool a company can have is digitalization and smart manufacturing. Neither of those are possible without industry 4.0, which conceptualizes trends towards automation between data exchange and processes in manufacturing technology.

In this blog, you will understand how to leverage best in class technology to digitalize an enable your manufacturing team to maximize smart manufacturing leveraging all legacy data you contain. Siemens NX has the ability to enable smart manufacturing for maximum results.

Smart manufacturing is the idea of learning techniques, tools and utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) for insights. This then will lead to more productivity and better manufacturing through smarter actions. Smart manufacturing and artificial intelligence (AI) all systems to work together using machines and employees to manage many business operations or activities.

This utilization of AI is a benefit Siemens PLM Products such as NX CAD and NX CAM have the ability to use for maximization of data even from years ago. All information stored in the machines, used, or unused it assumed, and this is presented to the operators in a summarized format. What does all this mean? In any company, there are various departments, measurements, notes, drawings, etc. for any product ever made.

The information is collected and reviewed by systematic preferences based on what the user is trying to accomplish. This could be as simple as a part number used in an assembly or collaboration of how to decrease production.

PLM Artifical Intelligence

Simple or easy, this information is used to improve processes, production and ultimately user efficiency. For this artificial intelligence and machine learning must be implemented otherwise a company would have to do all this piece by piece.

As information is collected and used accordingly, an added benefit smart manufacturing offers is the ability to understand inventory levels allowing for when stock is low, an order is placed to make sure the product doesn’t run out. This data is generated from the smart manufacturing leveraging their automation with inventory levels.

This is the process of a technology-driven approach that utilizes internet-connected machinery to monitor production processes. The underlying goal of smart manufacturing is to identify opportunities to automate operations using data analytics to prove manufacturing performances.

Understanding the concept of smart manufacturing and AI, I’m sure you can’t help but want to utilize this for your company. So, give it a try, let us know what you think, and if you have any questions contact our engineering team for assistance.

Interested in more information, contact us at: market@prolim.com.

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