Discover NX with The NEW “Tip Of The Day” Feature

The latest release of NX 3D CAD now helps the user discover additional useful information within the software, through the tips and helpful insights provided in the Discover NX tab. These tips aid users in getting the most out of their NX Design workflows.

The tip of the day feature in NX 3D CAD provides users with best-practice information on everything from how to experience faster sketching with NX Sketch to how to significantly reduce design time with Convergent Modeling. These tips are intended to assist new and experienced CAD users on how to leverage the latest NX 3D CAD features to create the most productive processes to achieve their best designs for the project at hand.

Another way this new feature helps users find the tools they need to get the job done is through the new contact us button. This provides any NX user with the option to contact the NX team directly from the software to request a quote on NX Design add-on modules they are interested in. To request a quote, users can simply click on the contact us button, select the NX Design add-on module(s) and provide their contact information.

Available add-on modules include:

  • FLOEFD for NX
  • NX Animation Designer
  • NX Realize Shape
  • NX Technical Data Package

The Discover NX tab and the tip of the day features will unlock the unknown potential to known workflows all through the sharing of knowledge on both sides of the design process. This will be helpful for those new to the system but also for those who may be looking for the best way to create. Check out the Discover NX tab today, and see what helpful hints are waiting for you.

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