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Drive Innovation Through Test Based Engineering

In the digital era, it is crucial to test, validate, and optimize real-world designs within the constraints of shorter testing cycles, conflicting performance requirements, growing product complexity, and reduced costs.

In today’s fast-changing competitive world, manufacturers need to address the demands of customers under the constraint of Growing product diversity, Increasing test complexity & shortened test solutions to meet test and validation challenges such as Delivering the products on brand promise, Handle Uncertainties, Balance performance attributes, Eliminate Inefficiencies & Reduce time to market.

Enable Product innovation through test-based engineering by delivering critical insights such as Diagnose problems quickly and early, analyze the root cause & perform what-if iterations. By performing unify testing and analysis, the key performance attributes can be balanced. Combining Test & Simulations will help us to verify & validate models, innovate and further improve the products.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Simcenter Test solution helps meet these challenges by innovating smart products, enhancing testing, productivity, and efficiency. The integrated solution for test-based engineering combine’s multi-physics data acquisition hardware with a complete suite of acquisition, analytics, testing, and modeling software, to meet the changing test needs. This improves team efficiency and flexibility, ultimately lowering the cost of ownership.

Simcenter enables you to grow your engineering by

  • Implementing efficient multidisciplinary simulation processes
  • Enabling the best possible modeling realism
  • Testing the final product

This helps implement your product designs faster, resulting in better, reliable and cost-effective products.

Simcenter Testing Solution, A Fit for Many Industry Applications

Types of tests that can be performed with Simcenter Test solution include:

Acoustic Testing – Acoustic Quality and design are key to your product’s performance, as it tells you about the product’s features and functionality. From microphone recordings, material testing, to sound intensity sound metric assessments, to sound source localization, Engineers need productive tools to design, refine and validate prototypes. Simcenter acoustic testing solutions intuitiveness, efficiency, and expertise help adjust to customer’s project’s requirements.

Durability TestingIntegrating the data acquisition hardware with comprehensive processing and analysis software features, streamline your entire testing process – from channel setup and measurements to validation, consolidation, analysis, and reporting.

Dynamic Vibration Control & Environmental TestingWith rising environmental concerns, to get certification and qualification of products manufacturers require their products to clear specific dynamic tests such as shock, vibration, and noise. Simcenter Test solution is an intuitive tool for routine random, shock, sine, and combined modes testing

Model-based System Testing Increased use of advanced control systems increases the complexity of product development, simulation, and testing. Simcenter model-based system testing helps accelerate testing at any development stage of the development process

Rotating Machinery TestingAnalyze rotating machinery dynamics issues With Simcenter Testlab. The solution makes it is easy to address imbalance issues, track orders, tortional issues and perform angle domain processing to view data in the cycle rather than time

Structural Dynamics TestingIdentify the dynamic behavior of the structure with Simcenter Testlab. From impact testing to multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) shaker tests, modal analysis – order based and operational data-based, and operational deflection shapes that can be compared to simulation results, and ground vibration testing

Transfer Path Analysis (TPA)To understand the vibration behavior of a system, engineers perform a TPA that helps them identify and assess structure-borne and airborne energy transfer routes, from the excitation source to a given receiver location

Test Your Solution

To know more about how Simcenter Testing Solution can help you set-up faster and more efficiently help you improve product performances early on in the development cycle and prevent costly re-design contact us at prolim.com.

At PROLIM, we work closely with partners to ensure new ideas can be implemented in a way that produces maximum impact.

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