Driving Engineering Innovation for Vehicle Electrification


In the ongoing revolution in the automotive industry, vehicle electrification is a guiding power. It is a formidable challenge to engineer electric vehicles efficiently and profitably, thus making them attractive to customers. For electric vehicles, we deliver an integrated and precise digital twin that addresses problems for all vehicle domains. Our best-in-class technologies enable car manufacturers and the supply chain for vehicle electrification to minimize production time and produce high-quality solutions, with the ability to quickly adapt to changes at any point of the process.

What you get from this white paper

This white paper addresses multiple aspects of the performance engineering of electrified vehicles:

  • How the hybrid and electric vehicle digital twin enables the virtual evaluation and exploration of the different design choices of e-powertrain components.
  • How manufacturers should balance the characteristics of performance such as noise, vibration, and hardness.
  • Why integrated systems for simulation and research support original manufacturers of equipment (OEMs).

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