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  5. Driving Innovation and Improving your Mechatronic System Efficiency with Simcenter Amesim

Driving Innovation and Improving your Mechatronic System Efficiency with Simcenter Amesim

With the industry moving towards multidisciplinary designs, system simulation engineers face pressure to attain performance levels in the framework of increasingly smart products. The increasingly multifaceted, interconnected and smart products need to be perfect. In addition, they are challenged to produce tangible benefits in terms of curtailing premature failures, and reduced time to market with minimum rework.

Ancient way of doing:

  • Lacked complexity
  • Did not consider thermal effects
  • Did not have the required loading conditions
  • Made it difficult to make changes to the models
  • Did not have the features to run what-if scenarios
  • Was very time consuming

Modern way of doing:

System simulation software helps users increase system simulation efficiency through seamless process integration and maximum modeling accuracy thereby driving better innovation and performance.

Simcenter Amesim from SIEMENS PLM software is a professional simulation tool that helps to boost the performance and productivity of the systems- from the conceptual stages to the final performance validation. It is used to model, analyze and predict the performance of mechatronic systems. Using Simcenter Amesim, users can perform simulation tasks by using thousands of validated components without dealing with mathematical formulas or programming, thereby, enabling users to maximize time spent on engineering.

Why Simcenter Amesim?

  • Plug & Play Libraries
  • Process integration
  • Stremlined UI
  • Robust Solver
  • Software Co-Engineering
  • Advanced analysis

Driving Product Innovation with Model-Based Engineering

Built to support engineers when designing new products, Simcenter Amesim helps engineers predict the performance of design at the early development stage and assess the feasibility of new technologies and solutions.

Ready-to-use Simcenter Amesim Libraries for Easy Integration

Providing a powerful platform capability, Simcenter Amesim offers ready-to-use multi-physics libraries, applications and industry-oriented solutions, to accurately perform analysis and save time when creating models. By integrating it into the enterprise processes you can virtually validate control strategies from early design phases.

Being an open environment, Simcenter Amesim enables users to easily interface the software with external software such as CAE, CAD, CAM and controls software packages, interoperate it with FEA, FEM, FMI, and connect it with complete Simcenter portfolio, and Excel.

Powerful System Analysis Tool

Simcenter Amesim is a powerful mechatronic system analysis tool that helps to understand and predict the system behavior, highlight the dynamic performance and benchmark multiple design options to improve the product configuration & performance. Simcenter Amesim reduces physical prototyping and testing to a strict minimum.

Advanced Integration Algorithm

Simcenter Amesim integration algorithms support ordinary differential equations (ODE) and differential algebraic equations (DAE). Depending on the system dynamics, it automatically selects the best calculation method. Users also get an easy-to-use set of graphical utilities in addition to parallel processing and discrete partitioning facilities to reduce computational time.

High-level Optimization Capabilities

Simcenter Amesim, an industrial system simulation solution has more than 6500 tested & validated library components across multi-physics and different industries. It offers deep analysis, automation and optimization capabilities by performing Design of Experiments (DOE), optimization & robustness studies, and can be directly coupled with Simcenter HEEDS for Multidisciplinary design optimization.

Benefits of having Simcenter Amesim:

  • Increases system simulation efficiency through process integration, maximum modeling accuracy and easy access to digital twins
  • Provides an advanced and easy-to-use environment for multi-domain system simulation and robust design
  • Pair of all libraries within a built-in and comprehensive workflow
  • Efficiently interface with many CAE software solutions
  • Optimize designs, and shorten the calibration phase
  • Quickly derive and export models by providing a capable framework.
  • Create better designs faster

Let Simulation Drive development

To summarize, Simcenter Amesim allows users to design, engineer, improve and innovate products, faster with less physical prototypes and improve product performance early in the development process. This results in accelerated design cycles, reduced development costs and superior products that excite customers and stay aligned with the product.
Please reach out to us for any questions, let’s talk about where your business is today and how Simcenter Amesim can help you to become more success by developing Innovative, Better & Faster products.

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