Easy CFD Analysis: FloEFD for Solid Edge 

This video looks at how FloEFD for Solid Edge can be used to analyze a flow and thermal management problem of an audio amplifier.

Let’s recap this video by looking at the advantages of having a CFD tool like FloEFD embedded directly in Solid Edge. 

3 Advantages of FloEFD for Solid Edge

FloEFD Within the Solid Edge Interface

Because of the FloEFD add-in, there are a couple of additions to the Solid Edge interface. There’s a Flow analysis tab on the command ribbon at the top of your screen, and the FloEFD tab for the edge bar—either at the left or right side of your screen. 

As you work in FloEFD, setting up a CFD problem and reviewing results, you’ll notice that FloEFD is truly an extension of the familiar Solid Edge environment. You’re getting to work directly with native Solid Edge models. 

Easy Problem Definition Analysis

Assigning inputs like material properties, boundary conditions, fans and heat sources is simple, and these inputs are applied directly to the Solid Edge model by selecting the appropriate faces or parts. This is convenient for making changes to the model, since the analysis inputs are synced up with the CAD geometry. 

Examine Results in the Context of Solid Edge

When examining the results of the CFD analysis, you can see the results directly on the Solid Edge model. In this case, you can see the flow and thermal results. In the cut plot, you can see the velocity field, with vectors showing the direction of the flow and the colors showing the speed of the air. Alternatively, you can change the plot to have color show temperature of the air. 

Surface plots provide a way to examine results in a three-dimensional manner. You can rotate the Solid Edge model to see temperature distribution and use the “Probe” tool to view temperature at locations of interest. 

With every viewing option in FloEFD for Solid Edge, you can see the CFD solution in the context of the Solid Edge model. 

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