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Easy Thermal Analysis in Simcenter 3D

Simcenter 3D streamlines thermal flow multi-physics to help you predict how well electronic cooling systems will perform.

To recap, let’s examine the thermal analysis of the printed circuit board (PCB) in the video.

Understanding the Thermal Analysis

You can view the internal thermal results of objects in Simcenter 3D. In this video, you can see the results on the printed-circuit, where most of the high temperature is localized on the board.

The surround elements, however, remain at the ambient air temperature, indicating that heat is dissipating as desired, even within the printed circuit.

You can further confirm these results by looking at the internal fluid temperature. Here, you can see the heat is transported away from the PCB inside the enclosure. This means the mechanical design will meet the operating conditions of the PCB and it will not need to be redesigned.

Compare Multiple Thermal Analyses

In Simcenter 3D, you can also quickly create and evaluate multiple PCB design variances and compare the performance of each. With traditional CAE tools, this could be a tedious task. But with Simcenter, the analysis model can be quickly updated to reflect a new design variance within minutes.

In the assembly model, you can replace the PCB component with a new board. Simcenter 3D will automatically position the new board in the same location as the previous one.

From there, it’s just a matter of re-importing the load and boundary conditions of the new PCB. Then, you can re-solve the model and display the results of both PCBs side-by-side.

Note that you can also still interact with both PCBs, simultaneously.

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