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Catapult Design Checker

Catapult uses lint and formal analysis to ensure the validity of your C++/SystemC designs before synthesis. Avoid design difficulties such as uninitialized memory reads, out of bounds array accesses, incomplete switch statements, and QoR issues while writing for HLS.

Key Features

Formal & Static Lint for C++/SystemC

Catapult Design Checker has numerous checking modes that eliminate the requirement for simulation-based debugging of design flaws. Coding flaws, QoR issues, and possible C++/SystemC to RTL incompatibilities and ambiguities are detected quickly, providing precise feedback on the source and cause.

Find QOR Problems

Static Lint for QoR


Catapult Design Checker makes it simple to identify typical coding errors before Synthesis.

Static Lint for QoR
Catapult Design Check

Custom Checking Mode

Focus On Specific Problems


Catapult Design Checker allows the user to tailor and prioritise inspections, allowing them to focus on important concerns while eliminating noise from previously recognised issues.


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