Catapult Low-Power HLS

Catapult is the industry’s first HLS tool that enables designers to optimise for power. Catapult offers the low power RTL you require by leveraging PowerProbest-in-class ®’s power analysis and optimization technologies incorporated inside the HLS process, as well as unique HLS optimizations.

Key Features

Rapidly Explore and Optimize for Power

Catapult speeds the exploration of various architectural choices and assesses the power, performance, and area of each HLS solution. Catapult conducts fine-grained power-saving optimizations automatically, with the goal of decreasing switching activity in the RTL to achieve the largest power savings.

Power Estimation

Push-Button Measurement and Analysis


Catapult automatically drives the simulation of created RTL solutions using the HLS testbench setup already used for Verification. The integrated PowerPro engine uses captured switching data and a technology library to provide designers with immediate input on the approximate power cost of HLS blocks, allowing for experimentation and architectural improvement.


Power Optimization

Automated Sequential Clock Gating Refinement


Catapult first-pass improvements are optimised for power savings over the whole design using PowerPro’s deep sequential analysis capability. RTL enhancements are based on observability and stability analysis, with testbench switching activity guiding the optimization value. Formal RTL to optimised RTL verification is provided.


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