Siemens entry-level FPGA synthesis provides great results, award-winning analytical tools, and a vendor-independent solution for FPGAs. Verilog/VHDL/SystemVerilog and mixed-language support are included.

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Key Features

Mitigate SEEs & Ensure Functional Equivalence

Industry-leading FPGA Synthesis

Mitigate SEEs & Ensure Functional Equivalence

Precision RTL provides vendor-independent design, speeds time to market, reduces design flaws, and offers higher quality outcomes with a broad feature set that includes powerful optimizations, award-winning analysis, and industry-leading language support.

FPGA Of Your Choice

FPGA Vendor Independent Synthesis

Precision RTL FPGA vendor agnostic synthesis lets you target several FPGA suppliers, including Intel (Altera), Lattice, Microchip (Microsemi), QuickLogic, and Xilinx. The same HDL and constraint inputs may be used by designers for every vendor/device. This allows you to select the most appropriate device for your design based on performance, area, power, and pricing.



Excellent quality of results

Precision can help you achieve your performance goals quicker. RTL’s superior timing-driven optimizations are technology-independent as well as technology-specific. FPGA vendor-specific inference of specialised FPGA resources like as DSPs, RAMs, shift registers, and carry chains is used to further optimise area and time.

Language Freedom

Industry leading language support

Precision RTL is an industry leader, providing the most comprehensive coverage of HDL language support among FPGA synthesis tools. Designers are free to utilise any mix of Verilog, VHDL, SystemVerilog, and EDIF. Timing restrictions of the SDC (Synopsys Design Constraint) format, which is utilised in FPGA designs, are supported.