The Calibre nmLVS platform, which offers production-tested device and connection extraction for both physical verification and parasitic extraction, is the market leader in IC layout vs. schematic circuit verification.

micro digital chip

Key Features

Mitigate SEEs & Ensure Functional Equivalence

Production-Proven, Trusted Circuit Verification

Designers, engineers, and management rely on the Calibre nmLVS platform because of its demonstrated performance, capacity, reliability, and debug-friendliness. World-class silicon delivery requires accurate and exact circuit inspection.

Sets The Benchmark

Flexibility and Predictability

Whether processing analog/RF designs or multibillion gate ICs, the Calibre nmLVS platform is perfectly suited for processing any size task needing precise device parameter extraction. The Calibre nmLVS tool, favoured by all significant foundries, sets the standard for LVS accuracy, dependability, and predictability.


Intuitive And Easy To Use

Design Debugging and Ease-of-Use

To assist you in swiftly identifying and resolving design issues, the Calibre nmLVS platform offers an intuitive and user-friendly integrated design verification debugging environment. Runtimes for Calibre nmLVS are typically 2-3 times quicker than those for conventional layout vs. schematic methods.

Fast Runtimes

Best-in-Class Accuracy and Runtime

While cutting-edge hierarchical and logic injection technologies offer nearly limitless design scope with quick runtimes, the Calibre nmLVS platform provides the dependable device recognition accuracy and rapid execution that IC design businesses and foundries want.