Tessent Diagnosis

Tessent Diagnosis uses failure data from manufacturing test, scan test patterns, and design information. With this data, Tessent Diagnosis identifies the location and classification of the defect causing the failure.

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Key Features

From Test Results to Root Cause

The Tessent Diagnosis solution identifies the type and location of defects, establishing the foundation for diagnosis-driven yield and failure analysis.

Accurately Identify Defects and Timing Errors

Using layout-aware and cell-aware technology, it determines the defect’s most probable failure mechanism, logic location, and physical location. Tessent Diagnosis uses failure data from manufacturing test, Tessent FastScan or TestKompress patterns, and design information.

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Cell-Aware Diagnosis

The cell-aware diagnosis capability performs a transistor-level diagnosis to identify defects inside standard cells. This capability leverages the same cell-aware fault model used for cell-aware ATPG and works for any pattern type (stuck-at, transition delay, cell-aware, etc.).

Correlate with DFM Analysis

Diagnosis results can be correlated with DFM analysis results to identify critical design features. Tessent Diagnosis can read result databases (RDB) from Calibre Pattern Matching and Calibre YieldAnalyzer.

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