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PowerPro Power Analysis

PowerPro is the most complete power platform in the market, offering quick and accurate power analysis of RTL/Netlist views of IPs and SoCs and assisting in the quickest time-to-market reduction of power wastage in the design.

Key Features

Fastest Time-to-Power

The designs may be constructed once and utilised again with varied stimuli thanks to incremental power analysis flow enabled by multi-core architecture that computes power in parallel. Results are produced incredibly quickly using an incremental run in conjunction with a highly parallelized power calculation.


Physical Aware Power Analysis


PowerPro builds a prototype of the design using Oasys synthesis, which when combined with physical awareness yields precise RTL-level Power Analysis that is within 15% of signoff right out of the box.


System Level Power Analysis

System Level Power Analysis with Veloce


PowerPro’s strong connection with the Veloce Emulation platform offers the most thorough and sophisticated method for system level power analysis in offline mode as well as in real-world use case situations.

Debug & Visualization

Visualization with Easy Cross-probing


Siemens EDA’s Visualizer Debug Environment, which has robust visualisation tools, is used by PowerPro. Additionally, PowerPro provides powerleaks flow, which highlights redundant toggles on the waveform.


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