Efficiently Author Teamcenter Product Structures in Active Workspace

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Efficiently Author Teamcenter Product Structures in Active Workspace

We discussed how to easily explore product hierarchies in Active Workspace in a previous article. In this post, we examine a few effective writing strategies. Structure authoring is made simple by the tools offered by Active Workspace.

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copy from excel

Import from Excel

Excel offers a practical way to swiftly build a foundation. Additionally, it can be used as a neutral format to transfer structure data into Teamcenter from an external system. In any case, you can use the Active Workspace command Import Structure to import the structure from Excel into Teamcenter. You do not need to be a system administrator to import the data because this import tool is flexible and simple to use. The columns from the Excel file can be interactively mapped to Teamcenter attributes. You may then confirm that the data will be accurately imported by viewing a preview of the import before it really occurs. The structure data has been imported, and Teamcenter is now in charge of it.

Reuse From an Existing Structure

Duplicating an existing structure is another expedient construction method. On a duplicate page that Active Workspace offers, you can describe how the new structure should be constructed. Which lines should be deleted, cloned, or reused can be specified.

Once the framework is established, Active Workspace makes it simple to locate and include new components. To find any available part, run a keyword search. You can choose a part from your favorite parts list, or you can search for a categorized part by its parameters using Teamcenter categorization.

With a split view, you can rapidly find content to reuse. You can drag and drop content between two structures while viewing them side by side.

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bulk edit workspace

Bulk Edit

For a structure, Active Workspace offers a full range of inline authoring tools. Parts can be added, taken away, or replaced. Even the layers of a structure can be added or taken away. In a table view, the properties can be modified inline, and values can be copied down between rows. For certain types of data, such as effectivity or different situations, specialized editors are available.

Excel is a spreadsheet program that you can use to edit structures if you wish. Using an already setup Excel template, you can export a structure. After that, you can edit the excel sheet anyway you like, and if you have permission, you can import the modifications back into Teamcenter.


You can use BOM markup even if you are not allowed to make changes. For instance, a building might be free to use or owned by someone else. The structure can be marked up to suggest improvements. Markup utilizes many of the same processes as structural editing. The distinction is that the modifications are recorded as markups rather than direct edits, and they are displayed on the structure as “redlines.” These markups can be made available to the authorized user or used as a reference throughout a change process to implement them as actual structure updates.

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change context excel

Change Context

Edits are often made as part of a change procedure for structures that have been released. Tools are available through Active Workspace to help with this. Teamcenter automatically keeps track of any adjustments you make to a change notification in a change context. The edits are automatically summarized in the change notice. In the structure, these adjustments can also be seen as redlines.

But what if you need to change different structures at once? For instance, you might want to swap out a component that is used in numerous structures. A mass update tool is provided by Active Workspace. Within an environment of change, this feature operates. A part may be viewed in all assemblies where it is utilized, and its placement in each assembly can be changed. The assembly edits may be implemented in a single process, monitored by the change notice

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