Eight ways to improve your sheet metal design


Sheet metal part modeling is much easier when you assign a material and gage (thickness) to your part from the beginning. During design, if you find that your original specified gage is too thick or thin, it can be changed, but defining this setting from the beginning allows you to properly calculate bends. Built-in bend calculations will also correctly calculate bends so that flat patterns have appropriate material added for forming bends.

What you get from this white paper

  • Assign a material type and thickness before starting your design
  • Use built-in sheet metal features whenever possible
  • Use mirror and pattern features to save time and avoid redundancy
  • Use contour flange to reduce your number of features
  • Verify flat patterns before moving to fabrication
  • Improve your speed and flexibility with synchronous technology
  • Don’t make drawings an afterthought
  • Take advantage of 2D nesting

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