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EDA Services

The pace of electronics innovation is increasing all the time. We are dedicated to providing the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of electronic design automation (EDA) software, hardware, and services to allow our customers to bring life-changing technologies to the world faster and become market leaders.

IC Design, Verification & Manufacturing

  • Build the world’s most sophisticated integrated circuits (ICs) in a cost-effective manner
  • Create integrated circuits with the best combination of power, efficiency, area, and functionality.
  • Verify all from the C++ prototype to the silicon test to the digital twin.
  • Meet the requirements for protection, functional safety, and silicon lifecycle management.
  • With AI-powered EDA tools, you can get coverage, signoff, and a higher yield faster.
IC Design, Verification & Manufacturing
IC Packaging Design & Verification

IC Packaging Design & Verification

  • Make use of a full HDAP (High Density Advanced Package) solution.
  • Early prototyping and preparation was used to create 3D kit assembly models.
  • Be more efficient with physical design, verification, modelling, and signoff.
  • Deliver today’s semiconductor integration breakthroughs.

Electronic Systems Design & Manufacturing

  • Scale from a single PCB to a device design, from person to enterprise, with ease.
  • Integrate and optimise the entire digital process from specification to production.
  • Advanced model-based systems engineering methodologies can be used.
  • Regardless of product complexity, improve productivity and performance.
  • Make use of digital prototypes to improve performance and manufacturing efficiency.
Electronic Systems Design & Manufacturing

EDA Services

Our EDA Services team has a long track record of helping customers get the most out of Siemens EDA products in terms of market effects and technological value. Our award-winning services are backed by decades of real-world design, production, and manufacturing expertise, delivered by a global team of technology and methodology experts.


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