On-Demand Webinar

Presenter: Pakshi Rajan

Electronics Manufacturing: Opcenter Intelligence For Electronics

Brief Summary of Webinar:


  • What are the main modern manufacturing challenges in the electronics industry?
  • Converting Big Data into Smart Data
  • Modular Approach of Opcenter Execution
  • How to make the process and material traceability effectively to make the smooth operation of execution
  • Opcenter Intelligence for Electronics

Who Should Attend?
It is for Process, Equipment, NPI and designers engaged in EMS Industry and following can attend:

  • NPI Engineer and Managers
  • Design Engineers, Managers
  • Process Engineer and Mangers
  • Production Mangers
  • Quality Leads and Managers

Post the session, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand Line Machine utilization to know the status of machine and line
  • Know how you can enable Site 360 Degree to view complete factory status
  • Know how to create product traceability, Quality report and Manufacturing process reports
  • Know the Benefits of Opcenter Execution


Presenter - Pakshi Rajan

Pakshi Rajan has total 10 years of experience across Electronics Manufacturing Industry, SMT Machine Programming using Valor PP, Production, Process and Hardware testing. Over the years he has rich experiences in SMT Line Implementations and Programming for all kind of SMT Machine programming and Stencil Design using Machine software and Valor Process Preparation. He has expertise in many areas that an Electronics manufacturing organization gets involved in. Provide solution for the underived problem in the SMT Line.

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