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Empower Women for a Positive Work Culture

Empowering women and achieving gender equality can only be a success if it is an inherent part of the company’s DNA. To do this effectively, corporate need to be willing to encourage women diversity and change their policies and culture.

Increasing competition at work, globalization, scarcer resources, and covering different geographies, are all a challenge today. Despite this, women are shouldering greater responsibility both at home and work. However, they are still a minority in the top positions. Many corporate have recognized this and empowering women.

Why is Women empowerment important?

  • Competence and intelligence – Women today are highly qualified and are even ahead of men in many areas.
  • Improved company branding – Empowered women will share about their work environment, giving a better image of the company.
  • Gender equality – Offers a better image for the company and is a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Improved working conditions – With women being more empowered, instances of harassment and safety are also addressed.
  • Equal opportunity and non-discrimination – Giving more power and control to women in the workplace helps businesses to diversify decision-making, resulting in more revenue.
  • Leadership roles – Appreciating women’s achievements can create a challenging, creative and flexible atmosphere at work. 

PROLIM – Empowers Women for a Positive Work Culture

PROLIM nurtures a women friendly environment that incites positive vibes and reinvigorates empowerment which is what makes us so special and unique! We are committed to enabling women to fulfill their professional ambitions, while supporting and managing their families and promoting equality in the workplace.

We achieve this through:

  • Offering better opportunities
  • A culture that is more supportive and collaborative
  • Recognizing the strengths and
  • Offering diverse roles
  • Providing the right work-life balance

PROLIM offers an open and dynamic environment, with high-energy focused teams. This open environment fosters an open exchange of ideas, opinions, concerns and critiques – providing a real platform for women to grow and excel. We focus on an empowered management structure and empowered teams.

PROLIM Bridging the Gender Gap. Hear what it’s really like to work with us.

Jessica Ferris, Office Administrator, Detroit, MI Says “PROLIM provided me the opportunity to improve my skills and grow in HR. I have worked with managers who have encouraged me to excel and take on new responsibilities. Coming from a different background, my experience at PROLIM has been very positive and I have grown not only on a professional level but also on a personal level.”

Haseena Taj, Digital Marketing Lead, India says, “PROLIM identified my talent and experience. They recognized the issue of travel and working evening to support US operations. They allowed me to work from home and still provided me better opportunities to lead digital margining. Management treat and respect women here with dignity and equal opportunity”.

Anu Kapoor, Operations Manager, Dallas, TX says, “What I love about working in PROLIM is the passion which is instilled in every employee. I get to work with the best professionals who are the experts at what they do. PROLIM offers an inspiring workspace and is sensitive to the challenges that we women face. Working here is both challenging and rewarding.”

Women empowerment is our key step to building a differentiated culture and a lasting organization. What does your organization’s culture say about gender equality?

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