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Presenter: Nithysha Rosal

Empowering Your Business with Mendix-Zoom Integration

Brief Summary of Webinar:

In this engaging session, our esteemed Lead Engineer, Nithysha Rosal, will guide you through an informative webinar “Empowering Your Business with Mendix-Zoom Integration”. The integration of Zoom with Mendix presents an opportunity to establish seamless connectivity between these two platforms. Leveraging Zoom’s API, developers gain the ability to access information from Zoom and execute various actions within their environment.

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

In this webinar, participants will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to initiate a Mendix application by seamlessly integrating it with Zoom. Additionally, attendees will learn to implement backend logic through the creation of microflows, effectively governing the application’s flow and functionality.


Nithysha Rasol

Presenter - Nithysha Rosal

Mendix Lead Engineer with over 4.5 years of experience. Her expertise lies in implementing solutions for complex logic within Mendix projects. She thrives in handling multiple projects concurrently and excels in integrating third-party applications through independent research. Her daily tasks revolve around gathering and comprehending stakeholder requirements and delivering optimal solutions, leveraging my strong interpersonal skills. Her passion for continuous learning drives me to acquire new skills regularly.

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