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Enable Collaboration through PLM for Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment

Enable Collaboration through PLM for Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment solutioning aids in unifying global design and engineering from manufacturers worldwide, so that they can look to work on the same requirements, models and manufacturing process plans, while simultaneously have a flexibility for catering to the local configuration needs. Unifying global design and engineering improves productivity, reliability and profitability comprehensively and does go on to contribute to a collaborative manufacturing solution for heavy equipment’s.

Global economic and business scenario especially today being very dynamic, capital-intensive manufacturers of heavy equipment have been facing immense competition with additional baggage like modification of national/international rules/norms/policies, ever changing needs from the customers, international regulations and compliance issues etc. The biggest challenge in recent times has been the pressure to reduce the time to bring a heavy equipment product in the market- the turn-around time has increased three-fold almost as described by an employee from a heavy equipment industry.

Taking your load off – The PROLIM Way :

These factors have compelled the manufacturers to think of innovative strategies, and that is where PLM intervenes and ensures that your product development process is closely intertwined with manufacturing process planning. PROLIM has been a vanguard right from your PLM strategy to implementation and has its own ingenious solution on how these heavy equipment manufacturers can look create a collaborative manufacturing environment so that machines could be produced with the demanding times, consistently while simultaneously meeting local configuration and often unique requirements.

With PROLIM’s solution you can now:

  • Look to improve your offline simulation along with optimization of manufacturing planning holistically, which in turn helps you to turn-around the heavy machineries well within time by facilitating concerted development plan for the design and manufacturing processes of heavy machinery.
  • Look to re-use your ‘last’ manufacturing knowledge, optimizing production and design to offer you the best possible solution to asset utilization and re-use.
  • Look to harness on the potent enterprise manufacturing intelligence of PROLIM’s software to keep you seamlessly connected with your product development process, ensuring in turn a smooth running of plant operations and manufacturing operations.
  • Look to give you complete visibility on you the data of your asset performance in order to validate that the heavy machineries that are being produced are as per the design and done in an optimal way.

PROLIM’s solution like always aims to deliver you the best and thereby enable:

  • globally distributed product development teams to work together
    simplifying the process of heavy equipment manufacturing at a global level
  • intertwining your suppliers into your process regardless of their geographic location
  • helping you to validate machine performance for both behavioral and functional capacity real-time
  • Reducing your operation costs and improving your profit margins.

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