Enabling fast PCB development


Electronic documents, sticky notes, emails and even technology specifically designed to enhance collaboration often fall short. One-way communication between domains doesn’t provide direct design feedback and lacks change control.

What you get from this white paper

Solid Edge PCB Design is an advanced design tool that provides many benefits for effective ECAD-MCAD collaboration, including the ability to:

  • Determine PCB real estate when minimal environments are required
  • Eliminate costly design re-spins of printed circuit designs and mechanical enclosures with virtual prototyping and early detection of interference issues
  • Provide ECAD and MCAD teams with a consistent and continuous communication channel for synchronizing designs even as designers work in the comfort of their own systems
  • Achieve fast, real-time collaboration on what-if scenarios
  • Provide immediate feedback on evaluations, preventing time-consuming rework
  • Ensure that quality, reliability and performance are optimized within tight form-factor constraints

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