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Presenter: Pallavi Patil

Revolutionizing Energy Resource Management
How Can Mendix and AWS Power Your Solution?

Brief Summary of Webinar:

In this engaging session, our esteemed Application Engineer, Pallavi Patil, will guide you through an informative webinar “Revolutionizing Energy Resource Management: Smart Energy Solution”. Join us to delve into the dynamic partnership of AWS and Mendix, revolutionizing energy companies’ approach to resource optimization. Discover how these pioneering technologies are reshaping energy utilization, amplifying sustainability initiatives, and optimizing operations.

PROLIM’s AWS-Mendix solutions, combining cloud efficiency with low-code agility. Experience innovative apps like Windmill Monitoring and Solar Farm Monitoring, empowering businesses with accelerated development, seamless scalability, and future-ready operations.


  • Introduction to Smart Energy Solutions.
  • Overview of Mendix and AWS
  • Demonstration of the Application


Pallavi Patil

Presenter - Pallavi Patil

Mendix Application Engineer with 3.7+ Years of Expertise. I bring extensive experience in crafting advanced IoT, Cloud, and Mendix applications that push boundaries. My focus is on engineering solutions that elevate user experiences, fostering tangible growth for organizations. Thriving in dynamic settings, I am unwaveringly committed to delivering exceptional results.

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