Manufacturing Services

PROLIM provides value-generating solutions for CAM.

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Manufacturing Services

PROLIM provides value-generating solutions for CAM, Rapid Prototyping, and Pilot Batch Production by utilizing the latest digital technology in practical applications. We provide NC code generation services to go on different control systems for complex shapes typically found in the tool making for automotive and aerospace components.

We commit to provide quality end-to-end solutions. We economically and efficiently manufacture and supply first runs of new products/components for market introductions. Our experience and extensive network allows us to incorporate the appropriate methods within manufacturing, hand moulds, rapid tooling and tooling areas for higher volume productions.

CAM Manufacturing Services

The expert PROLIM teams can produce complex 3D prototypes with advanced CAD data and laser technologies. Components can be made from multiple materials, or as composites. Alternatively, materials can be varied in a controlled fashion at any particular location. We also develop multiple and short run production samples through our associated vendors from soft tools.


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