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Typically, after a certain period of time, any technology becomes obsolete. Such situations open opportunities to Re-engineer the product, to make it competitive. At PROLIM , we study the complete mechanism and product design to compare with industry benchmarks. This process calls for brainstorming & innovative thought processes and recommends reconstituting new features on the basis of completely fresh ideas.

Introducing new features and new materials is only half of the engineering, other half is to validate and justify the changes in the existing product. These validations can be done with the help of variety of tools & techniques developed at PROLIM.

Our expertise includes:

  • Reproducing a part when an original drawing does not exist
  • Re-engineering a specific part associated with down time
  • Ability to make spare parts without removing the original
    part from service.
  • Reverse engineer a specific part to improve productivity
  • Deep dive into design for manufacturability

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