Enterprise-wide quality management software: Teamcenter Quality 5.1

We are excited to announce that the latest version of Siemens quality management software – Teamcenter Quality 5.1 has been released.

The 5.1 release of Teamcenter Quality software includes two new modules, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Control and Inspection Planning, as well as enhancements to Quality Project Management, Problem Solving, Quality Issue Management, and Quality Action Management.

Why Do You Need Quality Management Software?

Companies are challenged to reduce product and operating costs while improving quality to distinguish their products and gain a competitive advantage.

Every effort must be made to improve efficiencies among teams that can be distributed across the globe. Teamcenter software for product lifecycle management includes Teamcenter Quality, a software product family that works seamlessly with several domains on the Teamcenter collaboration platform. Leveraging additional elements of the Teamcenter portfolio, Teamcenter Quality provides a closed-loop approach from design to manufacturing on the shop floor and back.

A new product begins its lifecycle as a requirement. Using modern methods of product development, it evolves to a system, then a logical structure until becoming a virtual product. Using advanced product quality planning (APQP) and the production part approval process (PPAP), companies can monitor and approve project quality through respective milestones. The Teamcenter Quality Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) software provide tools to identify and mitigate risk in the virtual product and process structures.

Teamcenter Quality Control Planning and Inspection software help to extend quality management to engineering and manufacturing domains. With the software, companies can create inspection plans for checking critical characteristics on physical products. Any product deviations are recorded in a nonconformance and resolved through Teamcenter Quality Problem Solving software with effective root cause analysis methods. The common change management feature distributes the changes to all stakeholders in the loop, so that the product development process continuously improves, reducing time to market of new products and total cost of quality of existing products.

Teamcenter Quality Updates

Teamcenter Quality aims to boost the operational excellence with native quality management aspects in NX, Teamcenter, and Opcenter Execution Platforms integrated with our common Closed Loop Manufacturing approach for Industry 4.0. Teamcenter Quality product family is a set of features native on Teamcenter Active Workspace client. Sharing the same database with other Teamcenter applications, Teamcenter Quality has the capability to integrate seamlessly to other areas of Design Engineering and Manufacturing Planning.

This new extension to the Teamcenter portfolio allows engineers to set quality requirements early in the design process and establish the parameters required to help ensure the product realized during the production phase will meet the necessary quality standards.

Teamcenter Quality 5.1 Benefits:

  • Provide guided FMEA for analyzing and reducing the risk of a product or production process
  • Control critical product or process characteristics with planned inspections
  • Ensure on-time completion of quality actions
  • Enhance reputation with sophisticated problem-solving analysis and reports

Would you like to get a general overview of our offerings of quality management software? Take a few minutes to look into our new Teamcenter Quality factsheet, or learn how to extend quality management to engineering and manufacturing domains with our newest Enterprise-Wide Quality Management e-Book.

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