Faceted Geometry And Mesh Bodies


In the design process, organizations are gradually turning to simulation and research. New technologies, including 3D scanning, reverse engineering, advanced modeling, generative design, and additive manufacturing, are rapidly being leveraged by engineers to increase creativity and enhance design. In this eBook, we will explore how a set of tools for restoring, re-enacting and changing mesh bodies will help you meet your challenges and how successfully working with faceted models or mesh bodies can promote the implementation of new technology.

What you get from this white paper

  • As point clouds, engineers can now easily capture the shape of several physical objects, using fast and highly capable 3D scanners.
  • To produce a physical copy of the suggested design, engineers may combine 3D scans with additive manufacturing technologies.
  • Points reflect the exterior surface of a design utilizing four main capabilities for dealing with mesh bodies and mesh bodies. To create a solid surface, CAD applications are used to sew these points together, forming planar triangles, facets and other interlocking shapes.
  • Solid Edge now provides a broad range of mesh modeling capabilities and features such as Advanced modeling operations on mesh bodies, Mesh body interrogation and computation functions, Additional facet mesh tools.

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