Filling Digital Transformation Gaps with Low-code Applications

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The road for manufacturers to fulfill digitalization is rugged, and there are many gaps to bridge. How can you fill digital transformation gaps in a way that will evolve with current and future needs? Are there any solutions that could accelerate your digital transformation journey?

An online survey conducted by Tech-Clarity, an independent research firm, has the answers based on 300+ survey responders. According to the survey, companies currently using low-code application development are over three times more likely to be able to fill digital transformation gaps “very well” than those not yet using it. Around 40% reported their companies have already adopted or planned to adopt low-code development. With the demand for applications increasing, low-code development platforms are an appealing solution to fill digital transformation gaps.

Filling Digital Transformation Gaps with Low-code Applications

Increase Collaboration

Any team is only as good as its ability to collaborate. It is recognized that lack of effective communication was almost always at the heart of software failure.

When domain experts and professional developers speak in the same language — as in a visual model in low-code development — no translation is required, everyone understands the problems as they are presented and the solutions as they evolve, iterations are rapid. Collaboration enables the right solution to be built quickly and reduces rework.

Faster Time to Market

Today, companies struggle to keep pace with the growing demand for new software solutions to meet the rapidly changing need of their business. Speed, specifically the quick translation of ideas into tools to support dynamic, evolving business needs, is critical in a digital organization. In a fast-changing world, the delay means yielding an advantage to the competition.

With the right experts working together, low-code development allows you to save a great deal of time and resources building the solutions that make an impact. It provides the efficiencies and agility that modern transformation requires.

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