Finding The Longest Lasting Design, Faster


Every owner of a car expects their car to be reliable. Unlike other performance parameters such as dynamics, comfort or acoustics that the end-user may personally encounter, vehicle reliability problems are considered to arise only after long use and heavy reading of the odometer. This means it is a very complex and lengthy process to establish a car brand known for long-lasting cars. Conversely, a few recalls will rapidly ruin the brand’s image of longevity.

What you get from this white paper

This white paper describes how to assess structural durability faster and more accurately by deploying two proven methodologies.

  • The hybrid method, test and simulation integration for practical road-load estimation, also for unmeasurable loads.
  • Digital road method, when test data is inaccessible, running a full virtual model on a digital track.
  • New technologies that are evolving, such as composites and additive manufacturing.

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