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Fixed- and Multi-Axis Guiding Curves Inside NX CAM

Fixed and multi-axis (or variable-axis) guiding curves are general purpose finishing operations in NX CAM that work on many types of surfaces, including those not forming a grid. Take a look at this video:

Variable-axis guiding curves was introduced in NX 12.0.1. Fixed-axis guiding curves is new to NX 12.0.2.

There are three pattern types available for fixed-axis guiding curves.

1. Constant Offset

You can select any curve as the guide. The step over will follow the containment to create the cut pattern. You can also select an arbitrary curve that lies on the cut area as the guide curve. Coverage can also be limited to the left or right side.

Step overs follow the periphery of the cut area. Region distance, in non-cutting moves, allows you to control the threshold between the non-cutting moves cycle and the step over.

2. Racetrack Around Guide

This pattern type uses concentric offsets to roll around the guide curve without extending it. This pattern is useful for repair work.

3. Morphing

The morphing pattern creates a streamlined type of path between two guide curves without the need to specify intermediate, flow, and cross curves, or project back to the cut area. Morphing also allows you to select arbitrary guide curves on the cut area, which are extended when necessary to contain the pattern.

You may specify closed curves to define containment loops within the cut area. Although the tool tip is off the part, the tool contact point precisely follows the curves defining the cut area, which is the expectation of the finishing operation. This allows you to use the same curves for tools of different sizes and orientations.

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