Flange Sheet Metal Enhancement

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The software capabilities Siemens PLM provides is second to none when it comes to sheet metal design. NX sheet metal is thorough and has tailored workflows specifically made for sheet metal parts. It gives the end user the ability to customize their design and be flexible for future designs.

This built in software allows for automatic production methods. This allows the end user to save time designing products by reducing the manual labor while creating them. Once the designs are complete, there is very little re-work to be done when adding more to a design. The ability NX has makes the design and process workflows seamless!

In NX 12, Siemens PLM made a huge improvement by adding Multi Edge Flanges, allowing for multiple instances via list-based edge selection. This list consists of multiple edges, intelligent internal mitering as needed, common parameters, and bend reliefs for bend outside.

Siemens PLM also added the capability to validate multiple instances, resulting in improved performance, higher productivity, and fewer features.  If you haven’t tried it, we recommend you should.