Flatten Parts: NX CAD One-Step Formability

Do you work with sheet metal and need to flatten a complex shape with speed and accuracy? The below video demonstrates an NX CAD add-on called One-Step Formability. This tool can help you flatten any shape, allowing you to speed up your design time, reduce frustrations, and improve time-to-market.

Flattening complex shapes into blank definitions can be time consuming, affecting cost and overall productivity. This is especially true if you’re attempting to flatten by hand.

Here’s how the NX CAD One-Step Formability add-on can help:

  • You can flatten twisted, convex or concave shapes quickly and with precision. You don’t have to spend time flattening by hand anymore; this tool can get it right the first time.
  • This tool can give you analysis on stress and strain, with built-in analysis tools and reports. This lets you see where thinning and deformation will occur on the flattened shape.
  • It can actually work with any CAD source. You can import geometry from any CAD source and use the One-Step Formability tool to flatten it.

Don’t believe us? Feel free to send us your craziest part, and we’ll flatten it!

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