Flexible Product Development Software Licensing for SMB’s

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Expand Your Product Development Capabilities With Flexible Licensing

Solid Edge Value-Based Licensing, which debuted in Solid Edge 2023, assists small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in dealing with the problems of a continuously changing product development environment. This flexible licensing option enables organizations to control costs, find new product development software tools, and scale their operations more effectively.

Value-based licensing is a truly flexible, cost-effective, and easy-to-scale method to product development that reduces risk and time-to-market while enabling users to explore new product innovation possibilities.

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Solid Edge Value-Based Licensing: How Does It Work?

Value-based licensing is a versatile and cost-effective alternative to buying Solid Edge add-on products separately. You can select the Solid Edge add-on items you require as needed. There is no need for additional purchases because this license option allows you to choose which capabilities you want and when, while also allowing you to mix and combine. In many circumstances, the total price is cheaper than purchasing individual licenses, but flexibility is greatly increased, regardless of whether Solid Edge add-on products are utilized on a daily or infrequent basis.

This new flexible licensing option, available through a monthly or annual Solid Edge subscription, provides instant access to a set of powerful integrated products:

You can easily mix and match add-on items using a flexible token system to take advantage of extra functionalities as needed. Companies buy a set of tokens that allow consumers to run a variety of applications. Tokens can be purchased in annual subscription packs, which include add-on goods into a single, sharable bundle. To ensure optimum flexibility, tokens can be checked in and checked out. When used, each add-on product uses a set number of tokens. The total number of applications and which specific applications can be checked out are limited by the number of tokens given to users.

When several users are combined, each with their own desktop instead of tokens, value-based licensing becomes even more flexible, allowing users to claim unused tokens from other users and use the same programs at the same time.

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