On-Demand Webinar
Presenter: Ajeet Singh

FloEFD For Lighting Manufacturers: Automotive & Commercial

Brief Summary of Webinar:

The webinar begins with the introduction of key concepts of product validation related to Lighting industries and then moves on to the key Solution component which integrates into it for more integrity and for a wide range of solution offerings. The bulk of the webinar will be focused on the ease of use, workflow and key technical differentiator which makes it an ideal and handy suite of engineering validation tools for every Lighting manufacturer. In the end, we will see the key USP where it provides its value-add in the successful product development journey.

Tool that will be covered:
Simcenter FloEFD (LED module)/T3ster
Frontload CFD simulation inside your CAD software

  • Specify forward current for your LEDs and FloEFD calculates the correct thermal heating power, and hence the correct operating temperature.
  • The accurate thermal-optical-radiation model is capable of simulating absorption of radiation in semi-transparent solids such as glass as well as taking into account effects as refraction, specular reflection and wave-length dependency. (spectrum properties of the radiation).


Who Should Attend?

  • Design Engineer
  • CFD Engineer
  • Testing engineer
  • CTO
  • COO

Post the session, participants will be able to:

  • Learn as part of the analysis FloEFD calculates the light from the LEDs in your design so that they can see whether these meet your design goals for light output and uniformity.
  • Learn and understand Thermal Management better.
  • Understand What -if Scenarios for better variant selection and finalization.

Presenter - Ajeet Singh

Ajeet Singh has More than 8 years of experience across Manufacturing industry of providing technical consultancy to large and medium enterprises, with the first-hand experience in product design, product validation and communication management he has practical exposure of the solution related to CAD, CAM, CAE he delivered tailored solutions to many emerging industries and segments.

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