FREE Training from PROLIM for the Unemployed

About Promotion:

During these unique times of COVID-19, many people have found themselves jobless. PROLIM is happy to announce that we are now offering FREE Training to those that are unemployed!

Who is eligible?

  • Anyone who is currently unemployed can take advantage of this training offer.
  • For eligibility, you need to produce proof of unemployment
  • Background in engineering/design.
  • You can also connect with a member of our team by sending us an email to training@prolim.com.

How to Apply?

Visit our website, www.prolim.com where you will be prompted to fill in your information.

What classes will be offered?

  • All classes are available for this offer.
  • Please refer to our training website at https://www.prolim.com/siemens-plm-software-training/
  • These courses will be available to complete in-person or virtually.
  • If it is virtual, the classes may be taken during a live session of a class. You will just tune-in to the class via Microsoft Teams.

What to expect?

  • PROLIM’s training facility features a 10-foot projector screen and 6 available workstations where social distancing can be maintained.
  • Our specialists aim to provide trainees with a very hands-on, interactive training that will keep you engaged while you learn.
  • During breaks, a snack bar is available (if you chose in-person) and we will even provide lunch on one of your training days.