Frontloading design decisions for avionics cooling systems

On Demand Webinar

How more accurate 1D /3D CFD simulation early in the design cycle helps to improve the performance of avionics cooling systems.

Today’s aircraft engineering departments face the challenge of ever more complex systems and systems of systems. Being able to get full insight into the performance of the avionics cooling systems early in the design will help maximize performance and reliability and minimize costs.

CAD-embedded simulation tools have made a significant contribution to the democratization of analysis by frontloading CFD. By moving CFD simulation early into the design process, these tools now enable design engineers to understand the behavior of their proposed designs. Using a 1D/3D workflow allows the user to gain insight into a realistic mission profile by modeling the complete system. In this webinar, you will learn how 1D system simulation can be utilized in conjunction with a 3D CFD simulation to improve the accuracy of avionics cooling systems by capitalizing on the strengths of each.

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You will see:

  • How to couple 1D system simulation and 3D CFD simulation
  • How to gain insight into different types of coupling between the spaces
  • The advantages and disadvantages of these couplings in avionics cooling

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