Generative design, AI and NX 1847

Siemens PLM has truly hit a rollercoaster when it comes to possibilities with NX CAD software. But what are all these new features about?

With the latest version of NX 1847, the continuous release function now allows users to update NX software to the latest version automatically. It is now like windows, there is a prompt asking you if you’d like to update. If you pick automatic updates, you will get the latest release of generative design capabilities. You can also choose to release at a specific point in time.

But what about AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a large role in the next 5-10 years. Siemens PLM has invested time and technology into is the long-term gain for individuals like yourself. But what return can you gain from AI?

AI helps reduce the time you spend figuring out feasibility, specs, geometric modeling, and material for your product development. Can you imagine allowing NX to help you pick the best design for your part? Now, think about your day and how you spend your time. Could you finish more projects in a month, if you had the ability to not leverage tools to determine material usage verse cost?

Inside NX Generative design software you are able train algorithms to automatically cycle through a vast number of iterations, whether it be materials and or shapes to find specific solutions based on the nature of the project. This whole idea behind generative design empowers the best solution faster to market while significantly reducing the number of iterations it takes to get there.

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