Get connected to MindSphere faster with the MindConnect Library on GitHub

GitHub enables frictionless collaboration

Whether you do or do not have a development background, you have probably heard of GitHub. Very simply put it’s a leading code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets you and others work together seamlessly on projects. GitHub provides frictionless collaboration that opens innovation by reducing the burden of contribution and version management. The key functionality of “forking” enables you to copy a repository from one user’s account to another and modify it on your own account without write access. From there, you can send a “pull request” to the original owner to share the changes that you made. The owner can then choose to merge the changes found in your repository with the original repository.

Get connected to MindSphere

MindSphere releases deliver advanced industrial IoT capabilities that bring the physical and digital worlds closer together. In the most recent release, the MindSphere MindConnect Library (MCL) was made available on GitHub.

MindSphere on GitHub

By putting the MCL on GitHub, MindSphere has opened collaboration and community expertise for connectivity solutions. The MCL enables secure connectivity from an onsite device to MindSphere. It is a software development kit written in C that enables programming of customer or use case specific connectivity agents by interacting with MindSphere southbound APIs. These southbound APIs facilitate data transmission from assets to MindSphere, securely and efficiently.

MindSphere homepage on GitHub

MindSphere homepage on GitHub

MindSphere added version 4 of the MCL to GitHub. This most recent version entails some exciting enhancements. It brings a new architecture that improves performance, reduces the footprint, and simplifies user customization. Due to its low footprint, it is optimal for running on systems with limited resources. Take advantage of MindSphere-provided build helpers for Linux, Win64 and Raspberry Pi compilation. Also, you can use the library on a wide variety of boards and embedded systems. Additionally, compile and execute the MCL on different targets.

Get access to MindSphere

The MCL on GitHub is one of many ways that users can connect to MindSphere. With MindSphere, customers can maximize the value of their machine data through cloud-based applications and services, providing actionable business insights.

For complete details and availability on the new features of MindSphere and its supporting releases, please refer to the MindSphere Release Notes, MindSphere Region Table and new features presentations offered for all.

MindSphere is a leading industrial IoT as a service solution that uses advanced analytics and AI to power IoT solutions from the edge to the cloud. Built on the Mendix application platform, it empowers users to quickly build personalized IoT applications.

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