Get Solid Edge Certified at SEU 2014

Get Solid Edge Certified at SEU 2014

Siemens PLM software announces the availability of Solid Edge certified professional exams at the 2014 Solid Edge University event in Atlanta, May 12th-14th. A $99 USD value at no additional cost to SEU attendees!

Advantages of Solid Edge Certification:

  • Gain industry recognized credential that establishes your proficiency
  • Receive a Solid Edge certificate of accomplishment

Join us at this premier event where Dan Staples, VP of Research and Development, will introduce Solid Edge ST7 and share the highlights.
In the words of past attendees, Solid Edge University is a “must” for those who want to get ahead.

Organizations are inundated with a plethora of data at hand that if analyzed accurately can help them gain a competitive edge. Whether it is product and process data or application data, the data unit is no longer the GigaByte and TeraByte, but PetaByte.

Challenges to Transition from One Phase to Another                                         

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