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Manage your semiconductor lifecycle using Teamcenter X

The semiconductor sector stands as a beacon of innovation, driving the integration of cutting-edge technologies like 5G, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented/Virtual Reality. Undoubtedly, semiconductors play a pivotal role in the composition of numerous modern consumer goods. As the call for enhanced computing capabilities within smaller confines escalates, this trend appears poised to endure. Nevertheless, semiconductor enterprises have confronted challenges in recent years. The chip shortages experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic laid bare the vulnerability of global supply chains, while security apprehensions have arisen due to difficulties in establishing traceability and verifying authenticity within the industry.

2021 study:
> 60% of companies use 6 or more systems to manage their data

Operating with multiple disconnected systems, where teams function independently within isolated domains, hinder effective collaboration and information sharing. This often leads to duplications, compatibility challenges, and system errors. To further enhance their system integration capabilities, companies must embrace digital solutions that enhance control and enable real-time visibility across processes and systems. It’s imperative to implement end-to-end digitalization throughout the lifecycle, ensuring comprehensive traceability and addressing security concerns effectively.

A comprehensive product lifecycle management system presents semiconductor companies with an all-encompassing solution for managing data across all their processes. Additionally, it can enhance both the design and production domains to tackle product complexity effectively, foster collaboration among stakeholders and ecosystems, elevate product quality, and provide comprehensive traceability. This traceability not only safeguards intellectual property but also accelerates product acceptance and reduces time to market.

Manage your semiconductor lifecycle using Teamcenter X

Semiconductor Lifecycle Management is a new Teamcenter X cloud, SaaS PLM solution designed specifically so semiconductor companies can reduce fragmentation. It provides a pre-configured solution to reduce lengthy development cycles and achieve end-to-end digitalization with out-of-the-box industry best practices to accelerate deployment and minimize disruption and offering the possibility to develop and extend at your own pace as your needs change.

Semiconductor Lifecycle Management enables:

Accelerated new product introduction (NPI)

Fragmented project scheduling, disorganized task management, and data mishandling often lead to New Product Introduction (NPI) missing its target delivery dates. This frequently necessitates costly design revisions, sometimes even causing the product to never reach production. Semiconductor Lifecycle Management offers a ready-made solution for semiconductor NPI project management. It facilitates the swift progression of new products from the Ideation phase to Planning and Execution, thereby enhancing Research and Development (R&D) efficiency. This is achieved through pre-defined, automated project management templates, readily available metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), project status reports, and unified program and project delivery management.

Integrated circuit (IC) design management and IP reuse

Gain insights into the consequences of design alterations spanning various domains to effectively manage complexity using both internal and external IP libraries. Oversee die design components, coordinate wafer process technology, and supervise mask set and reticle data throughout the supply chain to enhance overall quality.

Integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing planning

Foster collaboration among geographically dispersed sites and diverse domains to optimize engineering, design, and manufacturing planning. Simultaneously, ensure alignment between engineering and manufacturing Bill of Materials (BOMs). Implement process flows and data models tailored to the industry’s specific needs to enhance cross-domain visibility and ensure compliance.

End-to-end traceability

Comprehensive traceability reporting is of utmost importance in the semiconductor sector. This solution empowers you to effectively handle intricate data and foster collaboration across numerous globally dispersed sites and data repositories. Consequently, it enables seamless coordination of revisions between design and manufacturing while ensuring end-to-end traceability across the entire process.

Get started fast with preconfigured SaaS PLM

Thanks to our pre-configured template, we expedite the deployment process, saving you valuable time and resources.

Opting for our cloud-based solution offers additional cost savings, reducing both infrastructure expenses and system administration efforts. By choosing our cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) option, you’ll enjoy a quick setup, and the flexibility to scale your environment up or down to match your evolving requirements.

With a SaaS-managed environment, Siemens ensures the software is always up-to-date and users can instantly access their data anytime, anywhere with the highest levels of security. We take on the responsibility of managing hardware, infrastructure, deployment, software updates and troubleshooting, meaning you can invest your IT resources in driving business and developing the products of the future.

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