Getting started with product data management


Companies implement product data management (PDM) systems to provide their diverse and widely dispersed enterprises with access to a single source of product and process knowledge. Once a PDM system is in place, companies can leverage this knowledge to improve productivity, reduce product lifecycle costs, facilitate global collaboration and provide the visibility needed for better business decision-making. This white paper identifies the best-practice capabilities that a PDM system should provide to facilitate these fundamental business needs.

What you get from this white paper

Product data management (PDM) enables companies to manage all of their product and process-related knowledge in a single secure but accessible system that can be used by multiple applications and multiple teams across an organization. With a PDM system in place, product information assets can be coordinated and synchronized, enabling companies to:

  • Improve productivity and reduce cycle time
  • Reduce development errors and costs
  • Facilitate collaboration with anyone, anywhere
  • Improve value chain orchestration
  • Provide greater visibility so they can make better
    business decisions

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