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Here’s why you should integrate NX with Teamcenter

Both Teamcenter and Teamcenter Rapid Start support the NX integration. With this integration, users will be connected, and their processes will be simplified and organized throughout. Users of Teamcenter can easily expand the scope of their PLM implementation by taking advantage of a comprehensive array of applications as well as its proven scalability in terms of performance and global implementation.

There are 5 stand-out benefits to using Teamcenter to implement NX:

  • A single source of product information

This provides its user with the necessary information for your complete design-through-manufacturing process.

  • Faster product change

By having adequate approval processes product change will come easier and the time-to-market for those changes will be reduced.

  • Reduce development cycle times.

These cycle times for distributed global design teams need to be done quicker now than ever before.

  • Transport user interface

Access live information such as; check-in/check-out, where-used, what’s changed, maturity status, revision, and project assignments.

Design teams will be provided within superior usability and uninterrupted productivity.

  • Multi-CAD Collaboration

Design teams can lead and assemble designs from any major CAD system into NX for multi-CAD product development.

With access to product information accelerated processes for change, and the ability to adequately manage product knowledge. Teamcenter is the obvious choice to help you integrate NX PLM. Using NX within a Teamcenter environment ensures a common knowledge base and unfailing workflows.

If you are considering using Teamcenter to integrate NX, now is a great time to get started. To learn more about Teamcenter, contact us at PROLIM.com. Alternatively, leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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