How can you solve Fluid Flow and Heat related issues early in the Design Process?

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  5. How can you solve Fluid Flow and Heat related issues early in the Design Process?

In today’s fast-paced competitive landscape, manufacturing companies are pressured to deliver quality products in a shorter span of time. To this end, manufacturers need to make products faster and leaner without compromising on quality.

According to the study conducted by industry analysts and CAE vendors, testing the design at the prototype stage has been proven to be very expensive. Companies that introduce an analysis tool to check the design performance, and identify and fix problems, early in the design process are the most successful.

FloEFD embedded in Solid Edge, is a powerful analysis tool that allows engineers to quickly run various ‘what if’ scenarios, and optimize their design directly inside of the Solid Edge window.

Simcenter FLOEFD:

  • Simply fits into the process
  • Provides increased flexibility to test design ideas faster
  • Helps the design team become more efficient
  • Helps the analyst team focus on solving more complex analysis problems
  • Enables faster verification

Why is Simcenter FLOEFD the right solution?

  • Easy creation of fluid body from native Solid Edge CAD data
  • Provides an intuitive user experience
  • Guided problem setup and automated, accurate, fast and easy meshing
  • Robust solver for highly complex geometry
  • Provides timely feedback
  • Easy visualization tools


When selecting an analysis tool, all team members irrespective of their competency level should be able to use it. FloEFD is the best software solution for analysis and being CAD-embedded it is easier to validate various analysis models, repeatedly. Moreover, it is easy to switch between processes, i.e. from design to analysis.

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