How generative design can revolutionize your design process?

When you are designing parts that go into your assembly, why not consider thousands of different designs instead of just a few?

Until modern time, cloud computing and CAD tools didn’t allow anyone to do this unless your team had an infinite amount of money and time to investigate all design options. But now think about what the cost of limiting your design solutions to only the few that are prototyped?

With “Generative design”, an NX CAD tool, you can generate a certain number of outputs to meet a certain number of constraints. Simply use the information given in the design requirements.

Once the generative design is complete, you can choose what designs you want to explore in more detail. Perhaps pick a few design iterations, one to use now and another to use with future

design improvements. This means you will now have more time in the day to work on other designs and fine-tune your processes for production needs. Imagine the savings!

NX Generative Design also uses embedded Topology Optimization to create a unified 3D model that has combinations of Facets and B-rep data. This enables lighter components, resulting in a lighter assembly once production is complete.

Have you ever wanted to remove loaded weight from empty areas? Or what about the ability to generate new designs faster, stronger, and better? My advice try this amazing new Siemens PLM tool, “Generative Design”!

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