How Industrial IoT Meets Manufacturing Disruptions Head-on!

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Disruptions, like the COVID pandemic, can be entirely unpredictable, leaving manufacturers and their supply chains at risk. Resources may become sparse, teams may be unable to work and operations may not even be safe to resume.

In March 2020, many manufacturers felt shocked not knowing how to confront questions like:

  • “How do I safely ramp down operations if I cannot keep assets or processes up and running?”
  • “How do I increase efficiency to maintain profitability when my plant is not running at 100% capacity?”
  • Or, in general, “how do I maintain productivity if teams cannot physically go to the plant?”
Industrial IoT meets manufacturing disruptions

The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) provides the solution that helps answer these questions in a fast and efficient way. That’s why digitalization efforts became part of crisis management for many companies. Plus, manufacturers that had some level of digitalization underway were better positioned to handle the ups and downs of the disruption.

Be all ears!

In the fifth and last episode of our podcast mini-series, “Future-proof with the IoT”, our experts discuss how the COVID pandemic acted as a catalyst for digital transformation in many companies. Customers at Siemens Bad Neustadt share how they managed the disruption with MindSphere.

Listen to the episode here and discover why Sebastian Oeder, the head of the production unit main motors at Siemens Bad Neustadt, feels “much safer in the factory than for example, in my home supermarket.”

And check how easy it is to get started with the IoT, try MindSphere Start for free.

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