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How NASCAR is benefiting from Teamcenter

Let’s dive into NASCAR’s relationship with Siemens PLM and how they utilize Teamcenter

One of the top NASCAR racing teams, Hendrick Motorsports, is a proud partner with Siemens PLM. In 1997, this partnership between Siemens PLM and Hendrick Motorsports was created. As a result of this ongoing relationship, Hendrick Motorsports was able to increase their productivity and take their team to the next level.

Hendrick Motorsports decided that Teamcenter is the streamlined digital experience that could be implemented easily while also fitting their needs of being able to keep up with the fast-paced environment that is NASCAR. Teamcenter features leading-edge deployment options that Hendrick Motorsports leveraged in order to get up and running quickly.

With the NASCAR season lasting 38 weeks, it is essential to be able to introduce a new product every week. The engineers are continuously enhancing and refining their cars in order to compete and remain a top NASCAR competitor. Each race, engineers will face different and unique obstacles that must be solved before the next race.

Teamcenter improves the team’s speed of response to make a competitive change and create more performance at the track. Hendrick Motorsports is able to construct a systems-level behavioral, functional, and logical definition to help them ensure the product is performing as it should be and at the highest level.

Teamcenter provides Hendrick Motorsports’ team with the capabilities to continually be up-to-date and to have their products perform at the highest level. Teamcenter also provides the team with a way to manage their entire product lifecycle for its racing operations effectively and efficiently, while also providing necessary data and collaboration. Hendrick Motorsports also uses NX CAM and NX CAD which ultimately create the data that the team needs in a timely and accurate manner. Once, that data comes in, Hendrick Motorsports then uses Simcenter to quickly and efficiently validate any data that is received from their NX CAM and NX CAD. All of these are intertwined and conveniently interact simultaneously.

It also allows Hendrick Motorsports to be organized and linked in a way that everyone on the team can understand and thrive in. The software helps to make sure that designs meet requirements and providing the engineers and other personnel with “anywhere, anytime” access to information.

As the NASCAR season is winding down to its end. Hendrick Motorsports will continue to utilize Teamcenter to put their drivers in the best position to win each race and make a run for the championship year in and year out. The continued technical partnership between Siemens PLM and Hendrick Motorsports into the year 2024 will generate a more competitive and successful NASCAR competitor.

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