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How Three Companies Leverage the Industrial IoT for Energy Optimization

The Pressure to Cut Energy Consumption

Faced with increased energy demands, strict regulations and sustainability objectives, industrial companies are seeking more efficient methods to optimize energy consumption.

However, there are many obstacles in the way. Many companies lack transparency into energy data due to outdated manual processes and siloed systems, making it impossible for them to identify problematic energy areas and implement the right improvements.

IoT for energy optimization

Industrial IoT as a Service Solution

Solving the challenges of energy management requires not only a solution that provides complete transparency into energy usage, but that also offers powerful analytic tools that allow companies to make informed data-driven decisions.

Several companies are beginning to embrace the industrial IoT to make their operations more efficient and to grow their revenue with smarter energy consumption. Here’s a brief look at three companies that are using MindSphere to make an impact:

Chengdu Xihui Water Environmental Co., Ltd

Chengdu Xihui Water Environmental Co., Ltd constructs and operates wastewater treatment plants (stations) and supply networks. The energy consumption of critical assets in a wastewater treatment plant, like a blower, often accounts for 50 percent of total operational costs. To tackle this large cost, Chengdu Xihui Water Environmental Co., Ltd leveraged MindSphere.

They securely connected isolated critical assets, such as blowers, in seven different plants to gain near real-time data. Based on the resulting data-driven insights, they can now associate the blast capacity of a blower with current electricity prices to take advantage of off-peak electricity prices. As a result, energy costs have decreased by 10%.

Learn more about how they used MindSphere to increase transparency and enable smart maintenance.

HBIS Group Co., Ltd

Energy has long been a significant component of traditional steel production operational costs. HBIS Group, one of the world’s largest steelmakers, chose to implement industrial IoT to not only improve product quality, transparency and maintenance, but also lower energy expenses. With MindSphere, HBIS captures real-time energy usage data during the manufacturing process. Operators use the data to identify potential sources of energy leakage and waste. With these tools, existing energy rationing can be adjusted, and the entire manufacturing process can be made more cost-effective.

Learn more about how HBIS is using industrial IoT to reduce production costs and improve its competitive advantage.


Orisol, which manufactures equipment for all shoemaking processes, wanted to identify improvements in their energy consumption. But the lack of transparency in their product line created challenges around finding solutions. They turned to MindSphere to solve their transparency issues.

Now, with the energy consumption of the product line visible, the shoe factory managers can see data on their equipment’s electrical currents, voltage and power consumption during the production of each shoe model. They can also assess the operational energy efficiency to make reasonable and targeted measures to eliminate waste effectively. By leveraging this data, Orisol can identify and explore energy-saving opportunities in the production process.

Learn more about how Orisol created transparency to make informed decisions about their energy consumption.

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